We price all our products at a consistent 2x mark-up above the cost to us. On average, industry mark ups run anywhere from 6-10x product costs, which means most of the price you pay is going towards something other than the product you're buying. Our product costs will always be the largest driver of our retail cost, and we make that clear by sharing a price breakdown for each product.

Product costs include:

Packaging, Fill, Labor & Warehousing: This includes the primary and secondary packaging, the costs of the formulation, the labor cost associated with it, and the cost to store the product.

Freight & Logistics: This is the cost to ship product from lab, to warehouse, to your door.

Collateral Costs: This includes everything that is shipped with the product, from box to leaflet.



Third party lab partners are a key part of Isla's (and many brands) product development story. Instead of trying to hide it behind vague manufacturing stories, we believe our lab partner’s experience, track record, and very existence speak to our product's integrity. We want to share this piece of the story to give you the full picture on what you're buying, where it comes from, and what local ingredients are the stars.

We believe that the most comprehensive way to promise quality is through total openness about what is in each of our products and where all claims come from. In addition to putting our lab partners front and center, our formula transparency has three main elements:

○ Complete visibility into all active ingredients and their exact concentrations. We only make claims around active level ingredients, and never try to pass off lower marketing levels as the real thing

○ A full breakdown of Natural Origin and Synthetic Origin ingredients for each product

○ Each product's country of origin, printed directly on the bottle



Our fundamental ideology around sustainability is to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Each product comes with not only a breakdown of every packaging material and its source, we also disclose recyclability and recycling instructions.

Furthermore, $1 of our share of every purchase on our site is currently being donated to the Clean Air Task Force.

Most importantly, we recognize that sustainability is a moving target and we are always looking for ways to improve our practices as we grow and learn.

Price Transparency

A clear breakdown of product pricing from cost to retail for every product we sell.

Formula Transparency

Clearly presented and detailed information down to the percentage to back up our product claims.

Materials Transparency

Better understand our packaging choices and how to recycle our products.


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