Zoom Storm Serum
Zoom Storm Serum

Storm Serum

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Made in Switzerland

0.84 fl. oz / 25ml


Our first-ever multi-tasking serum supports the complete health and repair of your skin’s most vital functions. Patented Chronopower technology creates an invisible film over the skin that reinforces the skin barrier and disperses deep, time-released penetration of 17 active ingredients and complexes.

Good to Know

94% Natural Origin.
Formulated & filled in Switzerland.
Pregnancy & breastfeeding safe.
Dermatologically Tested.

Quick Science

Serums are generally formulated to improve performance of actives within the formula. In order for this to aid this process, it's important they have less occlusivity than creams.

Storm Serum


Important Details:

Key Skin Benefits:

- Increased hydration levels
- Combats environmental dryness
- Maintains a supple appearance
- Improves skin texture of time
- Softens and smooths rough, scaly and/or inflamed skin
- Improves dullness and ruddy complexion

For the Senses:

Feels: Light-weight, fast absorbing, soothing with a radiant finish.

Smells: Natural and subtle with no lingering scent

How to Use it:

Use daily following cleansing and toner. Apply a half-dropper amount onto dry skin, rubbing in a circular motion around face and neck. Gently tap until dry before applying moisturizer. If product doesn't absorb quickly, try slightly reducing the amount used.

Hero Ingredients:

Carnosine, Silybum, Vitamin E + Glycerin Complex (2%)

Carosine + powerful antioxidents fight glycation (one
of the main causes of skin ageing) by blocking the
degradation of collagen and elastin proteins caused by
sugar, lack of sleep, age and UV light, keeping skin firm
and supple instead of dry, dull and grey.

Chronopower Technology (1.5%)

Our patented Chronopower technology
is an all-natural ingredient delivery vehicle based
in Hyaluronic Acid and Galactoarabinan that create
an invisible, weightless film over the skin which locks
in moisture by physically reinforcing the skin’s barrier,
protects the skin from external stressors, and dispenses
deep penetration of 17 active complexes & ingredients.

Sea Water & Glycerin Complex (2%)

Deep sea marine water from the heart of French Island
Noirmoutier was discovered to keep wild fish alive longer
due to it’s mineral enriched content. On skin, Deep Sea
water stimulates, detoxifies and strengthens for an
instantly brighter and refreshed complexion.

Sodium Hyaluronate / Hyaluronic Acid (0.5%)

A powerful ingredient that boosts cellular water capacity and improves water retention. This contributes significantly to the overall firmness and hydration of the skin.

Isla Transparency

Lab Details:

Location: Switzerland

This lab is the world leader in skincare innovation. It specializes in formulating with locally sourced ingredients.

Packaging Details

Material Used: Glass (bottle + pipette), Plastic (dropper), FSC Certified Paper (outer)

100% Recyclable: Glass (bottle + pipette), Plastic (dropper), FSC Certified Paper (outer)

Dispose of: Teat

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